LARS Rear bag Rider PRO, LARS company*20220020

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Montage: Rail picatinny
Material: carbon polymer, QD aluminum montage
Dimensions /mm /: 135 x 56 x 36

  • The Rear Bag Rider was designed based on shooter (customer) feedback. Increases the shooter’s ability to better recognize his shots for stability of the rear of the rifle and faster tracking.
  • It was designed by a long-distance shooter and weapon designer Rastislav Králik Dr.
  • The Rear Bag Rider PRO was made for large large rifles. Its construction is strong and stable and is equipped with an aluminum quick-release Picatinny rail.
  • The bottom is flat and provides a long surface for use in the back bag.
  • The bag adds another 100 mm to the bottom of the stock, allowing for a natural and firm feel when used with any rear shooting bag. Easy installation with Piccatinny rail.
  • Thanks to its minimalist and practical design, it is an ideal design element that also increases the practical use of the rifle.

The flat horizontal surface helps with a linear recoil and the rounded profile reduces the grip of bags and equipment. It connects to new and older stocks equipped with a rail..


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