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Main advantages of Tactical TK3

Innovative “H” shaped foot system ensuring extreme torsional rigidity and self-cleaning ability
Patented horizontal pin locking system that does not release even when used with the largest calibers
Easy replacement of clamping systems (WEAVER, UIT, MLOK, KeyMOD, SPIGOT, SWIVEL)
Quality and extremely precise workshop processing on CNC machines
Made of aviation duralumin of the highest quality
Easy to install and use
Recommended accessories

WEAVER clamping system
MLOK clamping system
KeyMOD clamping system
WINTER support rail (for use on snow and ice)

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Technical parameters

Range 260-350 mm (10.236-13.780 in)
Adjustable height 140-230 mm (5,511-9,055 in)
The movement of the head is possible 20 degrees to the right and 20 degrees to the left (infinitely adjustable)
The legs can be adjusted to a position of 45 degrees and 90 degrees forwards and backwards
Weight 620g (1,367 lb)
Material AW 7075 T651, AW 6082 T6
Supplied colors


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Package contains

1 pc bipod Tactical TK3 Weaver
1 pc. UIT clamping system
1 pc bipod case (cordura-waterproof material)
Bipod Tactical TK3 is completely assembled and designed for immediate use.

Bipod Tactical TK3 is the best choice for your accurate shooting! We recommend using only original accessories. The use of non-genuine spare parts or accessories may damage Tactical EVO products or cause them to malfunction.
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Detailed product description

Bipod Tactical TK3 is made of aviation duralumin of the highest quality and the overall processing of the product is at a very high level. The individual parts are milled on modern CNC machines, which guarantees maximum accuracy and quality of production.

Production quality, maximum processing accuracy and innovative technical solutions are what many competing products lack. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship and technical solution, the Tactical TK3 bipod is predestined for very precise shooting at long distances while performing the most demanding tasks.

The Bipod has been tested in the most extreme conditions and is designed for both sports and business use.

The surface treatment is solved with highly resistant CERAKOTE paints. Thanks to this, we can offer the user basically three color versions, which are black, sand and green (black, coyote, khaki). On request, we can paint in any color from the official CERAKOTE offer. /specify as message for /

Bipods are easily adjustable in all axes and allow precise and stable adjustment of the aiming point with regard to the current needs of the shooter. The patented system of locking the horizontal pin then guarantees that the bipod will not release even when shooting with cal calibers. 50. The legs have a 5-stage jump extension system and the innovative “H” -shaped profile ensures their extreme resistance, torsional rigidity and self-cleaning ability.

The bipod is fully adjustable and allows smooth movement and fixation of the “head” in the range of 20 degrees to the right and left, movement of the legs forward and backward in the range of 45 and 90 degrees and jump extension of the legs in the range of 140-230 mm (5,511-9,055 in).

Everything is maximally precise, constant and accurate, ie exactly as required to perform combat or tactical tasks.

In contrast to similar competing products, the Tactical TK3 bipod also has the option of easily exchanging clamping systems WEAVER / UIT / MLOK, / KeyMOD, etc. /specify as message for /

The bipod can therefore be used on multiple weapons with different clamping systems without any complications. Replacing the clamping system with another is very fast and does not take more than 20 seconds.

As standard, the bipod is equipped with rails designed for tactical use on both paved and unpaved surfaces, but it is not a problem to replace the rail with the WINTER version, which is designed for use on snow and ice.


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